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Bauxite is BEYOND a Stockist! At Bauxite Extrusions and Hardware (Pty) Ltd we pride ourselves in quality and service.

We understand the demands of the construction industry and therefore understand the demands of the importance of delivering the correct, quality aluminium extrusions and hardware on time!

As an industry leader for over 3 years, Bauxite has earned a well respected name in today’s building trade. The quality, performance, and aesthetic beauty of our products permits architects to fully utilize the unique structural properties of aluminium for both interior and exterior design. Products are backed by the people and technology of an outstanding organisation where innovation and eligibility are proven standards of our excellence.

Innovative solutions

We supply you with high-quality aluminium extrusions, aluminium hardware, aluminium windows and aluminium doors at the best prices.

Strategic thinking

We keep up with the ever so increasing demands in a very diversified aluminium market. Bauxite has introduced various aluminium extrusion lines to accomplish this.

Experienced team

Every employee takes pride in contributing towards our efforts to build and maintain trust with our stakeholders, ensuring high customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

Creative approach

We strive for customer satisfaction and aim to meet all your requirements whilst complying with all international regulations and standards.


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Our products are considered by many to be the best in terms of aesthetics, quality, durability and performance!

Palace Doors
Vistafold/Stacking Doors
Numerous Window Systems

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